Et Cetera …

Republicans are failing

Democrats had reason to celebrate Tuesday night with gubernatorial election victories in New Jersey and Virginia. Is this an anti-Trump wave? Hardly. These are two “blue states” that favor Democrats. That said, Democrats can celebrate something else very important: their courage. While we don’t agree with their big government solutions, at least they have the willingness to enact their agenda.

Republicans, meanwhile, are foundering. The “party of small government” cannot seem to get its act together in Washington. Health care reform failed, and now tax cut plans are faltering. The GOP controls Congress and the White House, and is wasting the golden opportunity.

Groups equip park

Kudos to two Sherburn organizations — Sherburn Civic and Commerce Club and Martin County West Early Childhood Initiative — that joined forces to raise nearly $50,000 for playground equipment for a city park.

The group held creative fundraising events and earned the support of the whole community as it saved up quite the sum for a small town.

The group then consulted Sherburn’s children on what they would like to see purchased, and then utilized the kids’ choices to move forward.

Truman renews levy

Truman school district residents went to the polls this week and overwhelmingly (268-54) voted to renew an operating levy the school relies on for day-to-day expenses. With voter approval, the levy is now good for 10 years, at $1,158 per pupil.

A majority of public schools in Minnesota rely on these types of levies. We don’t see this as the ideal way to fund public education, but it does show local citizens care about their schools. That is what Truman residents said Tuesday at the ballot box.

Taxation must be fair

Thirty-five state attorneys general are backing South Dakota’s bid to collect sales taxes from out-of-state internet retailers. The case could have national implications for e-commerce and for states to continue providing services to their citizens.

We are not fans of taxes. But simple fairness would seem to dictate that if brick-and-mortar retailers in a state are paying sales taxes, then their online competitors should too.

Of course, one could argue that neither should be forced to pay taxes. OK. But what should not happen is that one does and one does not.