Given laws, there has to be an energy source

A portion of Faribault County is involved in debate over a proposed wind farm in Barber Township, located several miles northeast of Blue Earth. EDF Renewable Energy plans to build 80 to 100 wind turbines by working with participating landowners. It has run into some public opposition from those concerned about the “eyesore” wind turbines represent, as well as the noise pollution they cause. The company also notes a distorted social media campaign that is driving some criticism of its plans.

Alternative sources of energy like wind turbines are the product of social engineers in places like Washington, D.C., and St. Paul, who put restrictions on some industries (coal), mandate alternative energy sources and even incentivize those alternatives.

If someone argues that the government should simply get out of the way and let consumers buy their electricity from whomever they choose, then we can understand the opposition to wind turbines. But if people want “dirty” sources of energy to go away, then there have to be alternatives, including wind turbines. We are fairly certain that society is not going back to the days before electric power. Why would it?

We believe citizens need to accept the reality that wind turbines are here to stay, and they need to work with the companies building them to find compromises that make sense, such as proper setbacks (of the turbines) from residences. The alternative for these critics is to get on board with the notion of human liberty and to encourage lawmakers to end restrictions and mandates effecting the power industry.