Et Cetera …

Making Halloween fun

We extend kudos to Fairmont, and especially the residents along Woodland Avenue, for making Halloween a special evening for youngsters and adults alike.

The city took action this year to close Woodland Avenue to vehicle traffic so the popular trick-or-treating street would be safe for everyone. The police department carried out this assignment, and many others contributed to the evening’s festivities in various ways.

Fairmont has created a unique and entertaining event along Woodland. We hope it continues for years to come.

Truman seeks funding

Truman Public Schools is putting a levy referendum before voters Nov. 7. The district is seeking renewal of $1,158 in per pupil funding. In other words, the vote is to continue an existing levy, not to draw additional tax dollars from property owners.

School districts around Minnesota rely on these kinds of levies to continue the day-to-day operations of their classrooms. We agree that — in the grand scheme of things — this may not be the best way to finance schools, but it is the system that exists. Until it changes, districts like Truman need and deserve public support of their levy requests.

Bad idea won’t go away

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Otto, a Democrat, has proposed a $15 per hour minimum wage in Minnesota by the year 2023, with $1 step increases from the current wage of $9.65 every year. We imagine she is trying to stand out in a crowded field of candidates. Still not an excuse.

A $15 minimum wage has become a magic formula in leftist circles around the country. It’s actually a formula for disaster that would hurt the businesses that provide the jobs everyone needs. So it’s actually counterproductive to “helping” working people.

Knights serve community

We congratulate the Blue Earth Knights of Columbus, which recently received the Star Council Award. The honor is the highest achievement a local council can garner. It relates to membership and the number of activities of the group, falling under six categories: church, community, council, culture of life, family and youth.

To earn the award, the Blue Earth Knights participated in and led more than 25 service activities in the past year, including hosting pancake breakfasts for the Boy Scouts and Genesis Classical Academy. What a great group doing great things.