County contribution likely, but how much?

The Martin County Veterans Memorial Committee is working diligently to raise money for the proposed project on Winnebago Avenue. Some site work already has begun, including the installation of a 70-foot flag pole and an entrance sign. The group says it has raised 25 percent of its goal of $500,000.

This week, the committee made a formal request to Martin County commissioners, asking them to contribute to the cause from county coffers. The county is allowed to do this because the memorial will be located in Fairmont, the county seat.

We believe the vast majority of residents want this project to be self-funded. It’s a belief we share.

On the other hand, if the county can be counted on for a contribution of some kind, we’re sure people would accept and understand the commissioners’ decision. We believe the memorial is a worthy endeavor rightfully meant to honor all our veterans.

The big question is, of course, how much should the county give. Something that constitutes a small, simple gift to show that the county is but one among many donors? Or something substantial, to say the county found this project vital and wanted to make sure it was completed?

County commissioners will have to weigh this matter. We hope they are seeking the counsel of a wide range of their constituents. And we hope those constituents will let their voices be heard.