Et Cetera …

Individual rights matter

This week, Fairmont was the site of a forum aimed at addressing racial issues. There was a good exchange of thoughts, feelings and ideas, and much for all involved to learn and appreciate.

We hope everyone in this community (and region, state and country) can respect, or learn to respect, the rights of their fellow citizens. We don’t see this strictly as a goal centered around race, but as a way to respect individual human rights. We are all unique beings who do not have any special standing because of our race, nor any inferiority attached to ourselves because of it.

A lesson in diligence

The city of Armstrong was in the news this week because of an Iowa State Auditor’s report detailing problematic, to say the least, issues with city finances. We know Armstrong has been working to remedy these matters, since the report looks back a few years.

However, the Auditor’s work is instructive for all our area local governments. It shows that attention to detail and strict oversight of public dollars is a must. We’re sure other entities do not want to re-learn this the hard way, as Armstrong has.

Chief offers insights

The Fairmont police chief and a few fellow local officers happened to be in Las Vegas during the recent mass shooting. They all returned safely, thank goodness, and brought back with them some important insight.

Chief Mike Hunter points out the amazing work of those who responded to the shooting, to help the victims. They, not the shooter, are the true representatives or our society. They show that people are generally good, wishing to aid others in crisis.

Hunter — a policeman, remember — also offers wisdom about why these incidents happen. He says we just may never know what drives such despicable hate. That may not be satisfying, but it is a truth we have to accept.

They better get it done

Republicans in Congress failed on health care reform, and now they are squabbling about overhauling the tax code. Ridiculous. How do some Republicans sleep at night after promising to reduce and reform government, getting elected, then acting gutless in Washington?

More of the money earned by hard-working Americans should remain in their pockets, rather than being wasted in D.C. If Republicans cannot deliver on this promise, then those who chickened out should be challenged in primaries next year.