Et Cetera …

Opera House has plans

Fairmont has been given an incredible opportunity to solidify the future of its wonderful Opera House. The facility has begun a $10 million fundraising campaign, already given a major boost through a $1 million gift from a local resident’s estate, as well as $500,000 from the Erma Rosen Foundation and a $250,000 state grant.

In other words, the Opera House is already nearly 20 percent of the way to its goal. Amazing.

The Opera House is planning important repairs and an expansion. We hope area residents who treasure this facility will contribute to the cause.

Chance to weigh in

The city of Fairmont is conducting a unique process to allow residents to comment on the bike and trail system here. The “online open house” lets locals visit the city’s website at, where they can click on the yellow trail logo at the bottom of the page.

Trails are popular here and elsewhere. They help boost community health and even draw tourists. They also come at a cost and can infringe on the peace and quiet that some neighbors of trails want.

We hope residents will weigh in on the matter and help give the city more direction.

They deserve the best

The firefighters who serve in our area are amazing people who dedicate their time and energy to making sure we all can rest assured that should we need them, they will come to our aid. These men and women volunteer to do this work, and they deserve our thanks and appreciation.

They also deserve the best gear, so we are happy to see that the Truman Fire Department recently received a $112,000 grant from the federal Department of Homeland Security. Truman will acquire air packs, radios and pagers, among other things.

Mayo offers challenge

Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont is looking for teams to sign up for its community wellness challenge. We hope area residents take note and participate to boost their health.

The challenge involves taking part in physical and mental activities to enhance overall well-being. The winning team will receive a traveling trophy, with bragging rights.

Those interested can call (507) 238-8177 to get more information or to sign up a team. Or email: The deadline to register is Friday.