Et Cetera …

GHEC tries new system

Having noticed the dumbing down of educational standards and efforts to boost children’s self-esteem at the cost of their learning, we worry when we hear about undoing things like grading, as in the classic “A, B, C, D, F” system. So we will watch with interest as Granada-Huntley-East Chain begins a numerical grade system for grades 6-8 this coming school year.

We believe the good people at GHEC deserve the chance to try this system, which aims to ensure better learning. We know there will continue to be discussions and feedback on the plan.

Sales tax hike coming

Fairmont voters approved a local option sales tax last fall and the Legislature agreed to allow the tax last session. This means the new half-cent tax on purchases takes effect in seven weeks.

While shoppers may not even notice the extra small change they will pay for goods and services here, businesses must now begin the process of implementing the tax. We encourage them to visit the state Department of Revenue website, which offers information on the tax. Businesses also can call (651) 296-6181 or (800) 657-3777 for more information.

School wins funding

Fairmont Elementary School is to be congratulated on receiving voluntary pre-kindergarten funds from the state of Minnesota. The state program has been instituted to help prepare 4-year-olds for kindergarten.

The school has 68 students who will be in the program, but has room for 20 more, so parents may wish to contact the school and take advantage of the opportunity.

We have been leery of the cost of this new program for state taxpayers, but Fairmont Elementary is absolutely right to accept the funds and do good things with it, because otherwise some other district gladly will.

Fair to be held next week

We consider next week to be a big one in Martin County. The county fair gets under way with entry day on Monday, followed by opening day on Tuesday.

All week, the fairgrounds will bustle with activity. There are interesting exhibits, animal shows, fun rides, good food, great company and a solid lineup of entertainment. In other words, the fair is a great gathering place that offers something for everyone.

We encourage people living in the region to come to Fairmont next week and check out the fair. You won’t be disappointed.

Kudos to those who work so hard to plan and organize this great event.