Et Cetera …

Grants back good causes

The Schmeeckle Private Foundation continues to amaze us with its benevolence. The group handed out more than $80,000 in grants this week to area entities, all of which benefit the people they serve.

The foundation is carrying on the legacy of long-time Martin County resident Juanita Ellen (Teubner) Schmeeckle to provide funding for the betterment of Martin County. That is exactly what this group has achieved in the past year, and we know its generosity will continue. We thank the foundation for its efforts.

State aid cuts ending

The city of Fairmont has been losing about $100,000 in state aid for the past several years. This represented a shift in thinking at the state level that more local services should be funded locally. Not an invalid approach.

The city has had to work to be more frugal and efficient because of the cuts. That’s good. Necessity can be the best motivator to implement change.

Next year, though, the cuts are ending, something that could be good as well. We suspect lawmakers heard the message from cities that they can only cut so much.

What is a Republican?

Squeamish Republicans are keeping the U.S. Senate from passing a health care reform bill. We’re not really sure these folks should be called “Republicans” if they cannot support repealing Obamacare and all the free goodies that come with it.

It seems the senators in question are worried about cuts to Medicaid, which is federal money that goes to the states to help provide health insurance for the poor. If Republicans want to retain this provision of Obamacare, how are they different than Democrats? And how do they imagine the federal government can keep paying out money to be all things to all people?

Honoring their abilities

The city of Fairmont has declared July to be Disability Pride Month to honor the accomplishments and talents of those who face mental or physical disabilities. This valuable workforce contributes to the economy in the community every day, at some of the largest and best-known employers, as well as smaller firms.

The U.S. Census Bureau says 19 percent of the population has some form of disability, making it a huge group of people who can and do work hard and make a difference, but who still sometimes face barriers in employment.

We add our thanks to all these wonderful people.