Nation needs Democrats to do more than obstruct

The Democratic Party lost another special election for a U.S. House seat on Tuesday night, this time in Georgia. So much for the party’s strategy of smearing President Trump and hoping the stain sticks to all its political opponents. Democrats can do better, and the country deserves it. We have a two-party system that needs good people presenting good ideas. This is not what Democrats are offering these days.

What is their message? Russia, Russia, Russia. But how bad off is the party going to be when the great Russian scare of 2017 is revealed for the snipe hunt that it is? Do you suppose Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media will apologize to the American people for wasting all of our time? Don’t count on it.

And, in the meantime, what are Democrats doing? What are they working on? Do they have a coherent economic policy message? A health care reform plan? A tax reform plan? Do they care about the working class voters who deserted them in favor of Trump in the last election? Are they striving to find realistic solutions, or are they always returning to their old playbook, i.e. the government can and should fix every problem. (Because that has worked so well.)

We know there are thoughtful Democrats. We know they too are pained by their party’s obstructionism, by its unwillingness to accept the results of the last election. They know the party has to stand for something, not just against Trump. We hope these folks can emerge and lead. If nothing else, we hope they won’t let their voices be silenced by the Loony Left that would love to run the party, and the country, into the ground.