Et Cetera …

Start with donations

We believe organizers and proponents of a Martin County Veterans Memorial, to be built in Fairmont, understand that funding for this project should begin with private donations. Martin County commissioners this week debated how much the county should give to help install a $20,000 monument on the site.

We don’t have a problem with the county eventually offering something, but to pay the whole $20,000 or even a large part of it doesn’t seem right. If there is real grassroots support for the memorial, it should be obvious in fundraising.

Roads must be fixed

Tackling another matter this week, commissioners considered options to help fund road and bridge work in the county. This, it seems to us, is a matter of vital importance to keeping Martin County a place where people want to live and work.

The county may need to issue bonds, which would be paid off over the long term. This makes sense. The county also assesses a “wheelage” tax. It is currently $10 per vehicle. A small hike would bring in additional dollars.

Might we add: the county can peruse its budget for cuts, applying the savings to maintaining roads.

Lake cleanup today

The Fairmont Lakes Foundation deserves praise for the work it does to educate the public about water quality and for undertaking projects such as a Budd Lake cleanup scheduled for this morning. The group is looking for volunteer helpers today, and we encourage people to pitch in.

Headquarters this morning from 8-11 a.m. will be Gomsrud Park, where bags will be handed out to collect trash, and a dump truck will await to be filled.

Fairmont calls itself the City of Lakes. This is a great chance to back that up.

Obamacare fails Iowa

It was reported this week that Iowa may become the first state in the nation with no health insurance company will to participate in Obamacare. This would leave 72,000 people without a way to buy insurance for 2018. Insurers have been losing millions of dollars.

Some may now tout even more government as a solution, but how is the government also not going to lose millions?

The solution for health care has been and remains the free market. Only competition and information can help make insurance affordable.