What do most people want? Less government

A large portion of the maintstream media is liberal. That is to say they have their own agenda, which runs to the socialist side of the political spectrum. They prefer big government solutions and “egalitarianism.” As opposed to say laissez faire capitalism and rugged individualism, notions that tout people taking care of themselves.

Likewise, many people prefer liberalism. Or are not politically knowledgeable, but like what they hear when someone says the government will take care of them. Their fears and emotions drive them to seek security. And this can even be understandable, given who they are.

But the noise created by the liberal media and those who want a nanny state should not be construed as the only voices out there, although it can seem so at times. In fact, the noise hides a reality.

The current Sentinel website online poll asks people to pick the health care alternative they support. What do you suppose most people favor?

As it turns out, a plurality (40 percent) want no government involvement in health care, preferring instead a free market approach.

Another 12 percent want Obamacare replaced with the Republican repeal and replace plan. Which means a majority (52 percent) want to curtail or end the federal government’s role in health care. Not something the hyperventilating mainstream media would have you believe.

On the other side of the equation, just 28 percent support Obamacare. And the other 20 percent hold the costly, dangerous position that the federal government should take over health care, despite the evidence that this would ration care, stifle innovation and alienate the medical profession.

We believe most people still want limited government and freedom. Media and activist noise can try to dominate the discussion, but being louder is not the same thing as being right.