North Korean dictator has chosen his course

President Donald Trump seems to be trying a carrot-and-stick approach to North Korea’s militancy. He has threatened harsh action against Kim Jong Un’s regime.

But Trump has been wise enough to hold out an olive branch, too. He has broken with most of his predecessors in flattering Kim and saying he would be “honored” to speak with the dictator.

Another opening appeared earlier this month, when a new South Korean president was elected. He is Moon Jae-in, who has been a harsh critic of some U.S. policies in the Korean peninsula.

Moon has suggested he would be happy to discuss relations with North Korea, perhaps with Kim.

Kim has been given an opening to tone down his rhetoric and be a peacemaker. His reaction? Another missile launch on Sunday.

So much for attempting to take a conciliatory approach to Kim. Clearly, he has chosen another course. Trump should take note.