Et Cetera …

Going to be interesting

Fairmont is going to have an interesting summer, to say the least. The Minnesota Legislature has released the funds for the Highway 15 project through town. Bids will be let soon, with the roadwork to follow. Highway 15 (State Street) will be resurfaced from Walmart to the high school.

Additionally, work on the I-90 exit ramps will be occurring. All of this combined is going to require a lot of patience and caution in town. We hope drivers are prepared and businesses are planning ahead.

Library serves citizens

The Martin County Library in Fairmont is a great asset, with great leadership. The library continues to evolve with the times, this week announcing it is adding hoopla digital, a media service that partners with libraries and allows content to be streamed or downloaded immediately.

The addition of hoopla gives the library another attraction. It already offers books, DVDs, eBooks, as well as programs and events for children, teens and adults.

We offer our thanks to the library for its services, and hope more people will stop in to check out its offerings.

Review setback rules

A large contingent of Faribault County residents turned out at the county commission meeting this week to protest a large wind energy project. While wind farms have been seen as a source of clean energy and way for landowners to earn some rental income, there is now pushback.

Nearby residents say their quality of life is being impacted by these massive structures, which create noise, shadow flicker and a complete change in the peaceful rural environment.

These folks have a point. County commissioners should reconsider appropriate setback requirements for wind turbines.

Stiffen protest penalties

Minnesota lawmakers may increase penalties for protesters who hold their rallies in certain places, such freeways or airports, or by disrupting transit services. We agree with this effort. Disrupting or hurting other people is not legitimate protest.

Those opposed to the bill say the protests of “disenfranchised groups” are more important than people’s convenience. Nonsense. We all have the right to free speech, but not the right to forcibly create a captive audience.

And if people believe their message is more important than law and order, then they can suffer the consequences, by paying a fine or spending time in jail.