Sunday liquor sales law on chopping block

Sunday liquor sales law on chopping block

The Sunday liquor sales law is in the news this week in Minnesota. The state House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly to repeal the ban on Sunday sales. The measure is moving forward in the Senate. And Gov. Mark Dayton says he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

Fewer and fewer states have a Sunday ban, and that alone is impetus to get rid of it. Those who want to buy alcohol on Sundays and who live near state borders simply drive across and buy in another state, harming state tax collections here. There is also the libertarian argument: Why can’t adults decide for themselves when they choose to buy liquor. If some object to Sunday sales, they don’t have to buy.

One issue that will crop up for cities like Fairmont is whether the municipally owned liquor store will be open Sunday. We’re not sure it matters. Public pressure may or may not emerge here for Sunday sales. The city will still have control and make the final decision. Residents can let their council member or the liquor store know.

Fairmont has a monopoly on liquor sales that is not going away. A big box liquor store cannot come in here just because of Sunday sales.

Given the realities of the circumstances and the modern times in which we live, we understand why this issue, which has stagnated for years, is now finally moving forward in the Legislature. Lawmakers are deciding that freedom and choice are good things. We couldn’t agree more.