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Group offers thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Martin County Historical Society board of directors, I would like to acknowledge and thank the Martin County Youth Foundation for its grant in the amount of $500 to our organization.

This grant will enable us to continue to fund bus transportation for the county schools and other expenses incurred for our school visitation program at the Pioneer Museum and the Walking Tour conducted at Heritage Acres. As a result of these activities, students are provided the opportunity to actively learn and experience the rich and colorful history of Martin County.

Martin County is fortunate to have an organization such as the Martin County Youth Foundation. It is a tremendous asset to not only the youth, but all citizens of Martin County.

Lenny Tvedten,

executive director

Martin County Historical Society


Young people inspire

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to the editor at 9:30 p.m., which is past my bedtime. However, the absolute delight and joy I am feeling have to be expressed now.

The Fairmont High School’s production of “Annie” on Nov. 8 was my outing. “Annie” is a musical production presented by Fairmont High School students under the direction and coordination of the school’s music department.

The total teamwork required to facilitate stage sets, costume designs, dance choreography, music by the orchestra, band, pianists, lighting and student actors, just to name a few, must have taken Herculean efforts to achieve. I’m sure every school professional was involved in some way.

Then there are the parents of these students, who made sacrifices in their lives to help provide transportation, encouragement and support of each family member involved in this production. All of you adults made this wonderful production possible. Thank you for your dedication and your ability to handle the frustration, hard work and perseverance required to make it all come together.

What I really want to share with you is my experience as a member of the audience. I was in attendance because I know some of the students who are involved with this production. I wanted to support their hard work and enjoy their individual contributions to “Annie.” What happened to me was nothing short of magical.

I began the evening a spectator, then I found myself being drawn in emotionally by the music, the colorful costumes and the amazing sets. I became “Annie,” I was one of the orphanage children, I was the mean and (hilarious) “Miss Hannigan” and so on.

Then it was time for intermission. I was brought back to reality and had a little time to contemplate my experience and check out the faces of the cast. We were brought together because of our mutual need for a snack. All of a sudden, I understood what had happened and the reason for it. Each face showed total dedication in giving the best of themselves to their role. Every role was important and each student was giving 100 percent in his/her role to make “Annie” the best musical ever. The young people I experienced on stage and behind the scenes are a sample of the fine youth who do not make headlines. They make a difference. They are strong, intelligent and talented. They are showing us they are willing to give of themselves to support their ideals. We cannot ignore the fear, violence and sadness that permeates our “todays.” These students and youth are our “tomorrow.” They bring a better day.

I want to sincerely thank all of the adults and students who worked shoulder to shoulder to give us the most beautiful gift we can ever receive. They gave us the very best of themselves. I love and firmly believe in our students and young people. I will try always to remember Annie’s Song: “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya Tomorrow, You’re Only A Day Away.”

Kathleen Detert


Fan bus appreciated

To the Editor:

We would like to thank Advanced Auto, Fairmont Body Shop, Elroy and Sandy Nuss and Lakeview Funeral Home for sponsoring the fan bus to Hopkins to see the Fairmont Cardinal football team play in the state quarterfinals on Saturday, Nov. 10. Thanks to the fans who took the bus and to Roger Palmer for driving. Also, a big thank you to Fairmont Elementary School office staff for their help.

Fight on, Cards!

Kent and Marlys Christians