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Sanders is sound choice

To the Editor:

The Martin County Recorder’s Office is an elected office. This gives the citizens the opportunity to vote for a qualified local person to fill the position and to carry out the duties of the office as prescribed in state and federal law.

The main function of the office is to record legal documents that pertain to real estate and preserve them permanently as public record. The functions that many of the public are aware of is the obtaining of birth and death certificate, marriage applications and certificates, veteran discharge documents, state and federal tax liens, notary and ordination filings. It also operates as a passport acceptance agent for the U.S. Department of State. These functions, as well as real estate recordings, require background knowledge and extensive training.

Diane Sanders is the present county recorder and has worked in the office since 1995. Sanders has all the requirements, experience and training needed to maintain a top-functioning county office and to foresee the future in technology needed for the services required. Sanders has played a pivotal role working with real estate companies and state agencies in the design and testing of the software that is used in Minnesota counties and in the United States.

Sanders’ leading role is the management of the county office, staff, budgets and technology resources. You probably have seen Sanders working the counter helping customers with real estate or vital records. Customer services have always been her priority.

Martin County has a strong voting record. Voting for Sanders is a sound choice as a highly qualified and trained county recorder.

Kay Wrucke

retired Martin County Recorder


Where do his kids go?

To the Editor:

After watching the forum with the Fairmont School Board candidates and reading the article in the Sentinel, I learned something that I feel voters need to know. Mike Edman stated that his children will graduate from Fairmont Area High School. What he failed to mention was that until they are in the seventh grade, they will be attending a local parochial school. My concern is, do we want someone on the Fairmont School Board making decisions about how the school is run, when they don’t send their own children to Fairmont Elementary School?

Please vote for Rufus Rodriguez, John Gibeau and Martha Myren.

Joy Rachuy


Re-elect Bob Gunther

To the Editor:

A recent handout paid for by Heather Klassen, Democratic candidate for District 23A in the Minnesota House, mentioned: “In rural Minnesota, we are not Democrats or Republicans, we are Minnesotans.” While I applaud her for her bipartisan and community-focused statement, I admit I was surprised for two reasons.

First, I’m surprised because state Rep. Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont, has not only made similar remarks in the past, but, more importantly, he has acted on them his entire time representing you in St. Paul. A good testament of this is the fact that Bob was re-elected by his constituents even when they voted for Democrats for other positions. They continued to vote him in because they knew he not only had the relationships and seniority to get things done, but that he didn’t vote along party lines. He voted for what he thought best for his constituents. That is seen in the high volume of things he has accomplished in his district that you have undoubtedly seen highlighted in ads and articles.

The second reason I am surprised is that there are political differences and stances between Gunther and Klassen. In some of the areas that are most important to the voters, Klassen’s stance has fallen in line with those of the Democrat Party that has endorsed her. On health care, Klassen supports Medicare for all — which is code for government-run. This sounds like a wonderful idea until one considers this question: Has she or any Democrat told us how we’re going to pay for this? It’s a question worth asking considering its implementation would require at least $17 billion in tax increases next session alone. Someone is going to pay for that and pay ridiculously (Hint: it would be you and me).

Remember that the DFL handed us Obamacare and MNsure, programs we have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on. And now Klassen thinks the health care solution for hard-working families is to eventually waste hundreds of billions more without providing the care Minnesotans need.

Klassen did not fill out the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life survey, which means we can safely assume she is pro-choice. She has not mentioned this during her campaign. She also lists an anti-gun group among her endorsements, which tells me she supports gun control and maybe more — eventual gun confiscation?

So, Klassen supports government-run health care, is being promoted by organizations that want to take away our guns and does not believe in the right to life. Are these your values?

Gunther successfully lowered health care costs last year. He has consistently voted pro-Second Amendment and is endorsed by MCCL because he is a champion on right to life. Klassen may be a nice person, but that doesn’t make her the right person to represent us in the Minnesota House.

Now is not the time for the untested and inexperienced. You know Bob. He has worked for you, accomplished much for you and will continue to fight for you. On Nov. 6, please join me in re-electing Bob Gunther as our state representative.

Jack H Hansen


There’s another choice

To the Editor:

To listen to the Democrats, Republicans and the major media organizations in our state, you’d think voters have only two choices in the Nov. 6 election to succeed former U.S. Senator Al Franken.

You can be forgiven for being wrong; the major parties and those media outlets should not.

I’m running as an independent because Minnesotans are tired of what I call the “partisan bull.” Like two massive bulls squaring off in a pasture, the major parties futilely push each other back and forward as they try to gain a brief but meaningless partisan advantage. Their mission is to score political points, not improve the lives of the rest of us.

I’m running because it’s time for tough thoughtfulness in Washington D.C., and it’s time to make our political system work the way it’s supposed to work again.

The seat that you will fill on Nov. 6 with your vote is not a Republican seat. It’s not a Democratic seat. It’s your seat. It’s time you had a voice that speaks for all Minnesotans — and you can make that happen by supporting my candidacy with your vote.

I love being an American and love being a Minnesotan. While I believe America is still great, like so many of you I am troubled with our politics.

Sadly, the Democratic and Republican parties are broken. Electing a truly independent U.S. senator from Minnesota is now an absolute necessity. In order to fix what’s wrong, we need to put our country ahead of the political parties.

People have asked me whether an independent could make a difference in the U.S. Senate. The answer in these days of relentless partisanship is a resounding yes.

Casting a vote for an independent will do more than the tired cliché of sending a message to Washington. It will make a real and lasting difference toward getting results on health care, immigration, the budget and other important issues. That’s because I won’t have to — nor would I ever — toe the line as ordered by the party bosses in Congress.

I’ll do what’s best for Minnesotans by working with people in each party. When they have an idea that’s good for us, I’ll be for it. When it’s bad for Minnesota, no matter what the party leaders tell their people, I’ll be against it. It’s as simple as that.

I’ll go one step farther. Instead of running just to hold onto office and climb the next rung on the ladder like the career politicians, I will serve no more than one full term.

If you’re tired of the partisan bull, know that you have a different choice — an independent voice for Minnesota.

I am a St. Paul businessman and an independent candidate for the U.S. Senate. While I have been endorsed by the Independence Party, I am not a member.

Jerry Trooin

St. Paul

Consider a donation

To the Editor:

The current project for the community-focused group “Kids Just Want to Have Fun” is a nine-hole miniature golf course. Fairmont City Council recently authorized the use of land west of the Aquatic Park as the project site and granted some financial assistance to the project. The group is actively securing the remaining funds needed.

The goal is to raise about $30,000 through hole sponsorships, grants, fundraising events and personal donations. We are excited to announce we have secured 7 of the 9 hole sponsorships. If you are interested in sponsoring either of the two remaining holes for $1,000 per hole, please contact us at

We are also excited to announce that an anonymous donor has pledged a $10,000 challenge contribution. Any contribution donated hereafter will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000. Thank you to this generous donor.

Please consider assisting our project. Any donations of $500 or more will be recognized on a donor sign at the project site. We are classified as a 501(c)3 organization and donations are tax deductible. Any donations can be mailed to Project 1590, P.O. Box 705, Fairmont, MN 56031 or dropped off at Fairmont City Hall or Chamber of Commerce.

Ed Willett and Meaghan Slama