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Support Hagedorn

To the Editor:

Jim Hagedorn is running for First District Congress and his GOP primary opponent has, as a last ditch effort, taken her campaign into the gutter with personal attacks and lies.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this sort of behavior is over. Carla Nelson doesn’t want to run on the issues. Her latest lame attack claims that Jim is not from here. I can, and will, attest to the fact that Jim Hagedorn grew up on a farm less than a half-mile from me, near Truman. We went to the same Lutheran school in Truman. In fact, Jim is the only contending candidate who was born and raised in the First District and grew up on the family farm.

The conservative candidate in the race for Congress who will work to help our farm families and all families across the district is Jim Hagedorn. He has true empathy for our families and will work tirelessly to help them anyway he can.

Jim will fight for our Second Amendment rights and has received the NRA’s highest rating, the A rating.

Carla Nelson has advocated for the use of Sticky Traps on the border to stop illegals from crossing. She also voted to allow boys to use your daughter’s bathroom at school and to spend $18 million dollars for a so-called “Somali Community Development Grant Program.”

We need to help Jim get elected to Congress. The primary election is coming up Aug. 14 and he needs your vote. You also can vote at your county courthouse any business day. It only takes a couple minutes.

Neal Breitbarth


Seeking solutions

To the Editor:

Dear members of the community:

“The tornado destroyed all in its path just a year ago, but with community fortitude and undying strength the town has been rebuilt, rising from this tragedy stronger than before.” We hear this type of message often from our TV news broadcasters as they follow towns or cities emerging from a calamitous event.

Some challenges, although just as fateful, are more pernicious and will go unexamined unless sharp eyes are watching.

We have two very startling challenges facing us in Fairmont, but equally sharp groups finding solutions.

Of the 15,769 adults in Martin County, 4,936 will be older than 65 in 2020. In 2025, the adult population drops to 15,660 but those older than 65 grows to 5,512. In 2030, the adult population will have fallen to 15,408, and of those 5,785 will be older than 65. As you see, the over-65 population grows from 31 percent, to 35 percent to 38 percent. (FaceAgingMN)

If health concerns require a therapeutic stay in a care center for this growing number of older adults, we have to meet the concerns, comfort level, feeling of home and the amenity expectations of today’s senior population. Are we ready? We will be.

The Lakeview Methodist board of directors, the Lakeview steering committee and many supportive community members keenly understand this growing need. We thank each and every one of you for your encouragement and your generosity as you consider supporting our plans for a new Lakeview Care environment.

As Lakeview prepares for the growth in the over-65 population with the vision of a new care center, we applaud the many other groups of sharp eyes working to not only avert the decline in the younger adult population, but to turn it around. With these groups continuing to strengthen the attractiveness of Fairmont, such as building a community center, we will have more loving hands available to care for people in our new skilled center, as will every business be able to maintain or expand its employee base.

These concomitant population trends are happening in many rural areas. In this community, however, I’m thankful for the enormous number of dedicated, solution-minded people who are working eagerly to both prepare for senior growth and make our community attractive for all ages.

Deb Barnes, executive director

Lakeview Methodist


Klassen stays positive

To the Editor:

I am distressed by the negative comments made by state Rep. Bob Gunther in the Sentinel’s Aug. 6 news story. With no evidence to support it, he states that Heather Klassen has been critical of him, even that she “… leveled a charge that he has not done much …” I have never heard or been aware of any such actions by Heather because that is not the type of person I know her to be nor is that the type of campaign she is running. She has always responded to people that she has great respect for him and that he has served many years as a public servant, which is hard work.

What I have seen is the positive work that Heather Klassen has done with great energy. She not only has been to every parade and numerous community gatherings, she has met with school boards/administration/teachers, city councils, township officials, businesses and listened to folks at their door with tireless door knocking. I have observed that Heather simply wants to listen to your ideas and concerns and take them to our Legislature with a new perspective. I believe we all want our elected officials to work cooperatively across the aisle to stop the endless the cycle of partisan “blame gaming.”

Let’s employ some of the Top 20 principles that our community embraced: 1) Live Above the Line; 2) Help Others Succeed; 3) Communicate “you matter”; 4) Honor the Absent and 5) See the Problem, Own the Problem.

Prayers are with Bob for our Lord’s healing power.

Char Kahler


Help take on cancer

To the Editor:

We all know someone we have lost to cancer, someone who is a survivor, someone who is fighting to be a survivor or a caregiver. We are looking for people who would like to help us in our fight against cancer. Talk to your friends and family and think about becoming a team captain and starting a team. Pass the word around maybe there are others that would like to have teams. Every dollar you collect, every person you tell, and every step you take, helps in the fight against cancer.

We will be having a kickoff meeting 6 p.m. Oct. 1 at Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont. At this meeting, we will be going through the team captains information packets so everyone will understand the contents. This is earlier than we normally start but we want everyone to have more time to get their teams together and make plans.

Follow us on Facebook and like our page: Relay for Life of Martin County, where meetings and other information is posted. And check out our website: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (507) 236-2034. I hope to hear from you.

Marsha Williams,

teams committee member

Relay for Life