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Ag trade remains vital

To the Editor:

We were honored to be a part of the awesome celebration of our agricultural community at the Ground Up on July 25. What a blessing to have so many people doing so much work devoted to supporting each other as neighbors, for our economy and the future of our youth.

Project 1590 and its Ground Up committee had it all planned perfectly. Even with the wind taking down tents and the initial downpour of rain, all went well. The Martin County West and Fairmont FFA youth did a tremendous job of protecting us with umbrellas and serving us a unique variety of food from all the countries that we have trade with.

A huge amount of gratitude goes to the Tumbleson family — Gerald, Joanne, Trent and Melissa, for all their preparation and hosting us on their farm.

Stephanie Busiahn of the Convention and Visitors Bureau provided a day of tours so that local folks, public officials and state agencies could have an awareness of the businesses related to and so important to our farmers. Of course, none of this would be possible without the impressive number of businesses sponsoring and giving donations.

One of the greatest takeaways of the event was the “passport” we received with valuable information on the exports our farmers make to other countries. The trade agreement North American Free Trade Agreement is designed to remove tariffs between three countries. Canada is the second-largest market for U.S. ag exports while Mexico is the No. 1 export market for U.S. pork.

Trade agreements negotiated by the U.S. since the end of WWII with 20 countries are also crucial to the livelihood of our farmer economy. These countries account for 50 percent of exported U.S. feed grains in all forms during 2015-16. It was highlighted that our agriculture is part of a global economy. The uncertainty of our trade agreements is troubling and we should make sure our government officials hear our concerns.

Char Kahler


Support Hagedorn

To the Editor:

In today’s mail, I received a flier from the Carla Nelson for Congress campaign. In the part of the country I originally come from we call this “dirty pool.” I deplore people who go on the low road as they distort, cheat and outright lie about someone else in hopes they will beat that person. This flier is chock full of such lies.

Jim Hagedorn is who you think he is — an honest man who has worked hard for the position of congressman from the First District of Minnesota. He has put in the effort that is required because he wants to represent the people of southern Minnesota in Washington and fight for their interests. Jim is from here — born and raised in the Truman/Blue Earth area and currently living in Blue Earth. Jim is a conservative Republican. If he was not, I would not support him.

Nelson points out that Hagedorn sued for unemployment benefits back in 1983 in Virginia as proof he doesn’t live here? Come on, that was 35 years ago. I myself lived in Seattle back then, and between then and now have lived in Iowa for 10 years, and here in Fairmont for 14 years. I love this great town and want the best for it. Having Jim Hagedorn as our representative in D.C., I believe, is good for Martin County and southern Minnesota.

Let us take the high road and support Jim Hagedorn in the coming primary, and send a message to Carla Nelson that we do not appreciate the flier that she sent to all of us.

Jack H Hansen


Seeing an opportunity

To the Editor:

I see that Presentation College in Fairmont might be closing soon. This might be good timing if the Southern Plains Education Cooperative would move to that building and not spend $10 million on a property (the former Lincoln School in Fairmont) that the school district gave away in 2012.

As a taxpayer of farm real estate in three school districts, I have noticed that real estate taxes can go up very high due to school spending.

Vaughn Kuehl