Readers’ Views

Hate will divide us

To the Editor:

I am responding to the letter to the editor in the July 6 edition written by Peter Engstrom. The letter started with discussion of a Trump rally you said your children attended in Alabama. You stated that your daughter had never before witnessed such hate as was on display at the rally. Well, I don’t know about the situation that your daughter was in, but I do feel the “hate” in your letter. What is felt in your heart is certainly being transferred to paper.

Peter, you then moved on to the separation of families happening on the borders, as though the Trump administration started the practice of family separation during its immigration enforcement practices. In fact, the practice is not new. As an example, the Alien Transfer and Exit Program (ATEP) was implemented in 2008 under the Obama administration. In compliance with ATEP, families were routinely separated at the border during the investigation phase. Once again, Mr. Engstrom, your facts are a little off. Please fact check before sending your letters to the editor. Hate will divide us; please don’t be a part of it.

Gene Hackett


Join SJV for golf outing

To the Editor:

On July 16, St. John Vianney Catholic school will host its annual golf outing at Interlaken Golf Course. This marks the 15th year of hosting this fun event. Money raised has gone toward updating technology, purchasing playground equipment, towards classroom supplies and continuing education for teachers.

This is a fun day of golf and fellowship and helps support St. John Vianney Catholic school. Please consider golfing in this year’s SJV golf outing with many opportunities to win prizes. Cost is $135, which includes 18 holes of golf on the beautiful Interlaken Golf Course, cart, lunch and dinner. If you are unable to join us to golf, you can purchase drawing tickets for numerous prizes at the school office. If you don’t golf but would like to join us for the meal and fellowship, tickets are available at the school office. Please contact the school office at (507) 235-5304. We look forward to another great year of golf that supports SJV Catholic School and would love for you to join us.

Chrissy Lutterman,

St. John Vianney parent