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Get out to Opera House

To the Editor:

Last night, I attended a performance of the FAB 6 at our Opera House. They were a Beatles tribute band and they were fabulous. Great guitar playing, string instruments and brass backing them up, and just a uplifting performance. And it was right here in town. No driving to the Cities to see a great live performance. Intermission was so fun; drinks and cookies in a decorated, fairy lighted reception hall complete with Beatles silhouettes.

I want to invite folks to check out the rest of the Opera House’s summer concerts and to look over their wonderful lineup for next year. Don’t miss out on this great experience that we have right here in town.

Google them. They’ve got a nice website and so much good stuff going on. Anybody who loves live performances shouldn’t miss out on a chance to see them in our historical Opera House. (It’s the oldest performing theater in Minnesota).

Vernette Buckmeier-Turner