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Clarifying the record

To the Editor:

My name is Ron Fagen and I’m president of Big Blue Wind Farm, LLC. I am writing on behalf of Big Blue Wind Farm in response to the “Wind Farm Faces Possible Violations” article that was published Jan. 26 in the Sentinel.

Mr. Dan Moore, a Blue Earth area farmer, is the individual who has made a number of increasingly inflammatory allegations regarding the Big Blue project to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Mr. Moore is also the individual who, with a group of local investors, was the original developer of the Big Blue project through Windfinity, LLC, a company Mr. Moore organized.

Mr. Moore was a staunch advocate for the Big Blue project throughout its development. Mr. Moore spoke enthusiastically about the Big Blue project at an April 2011 public meeting during the permitting of the Big Blue project and gave it his unqualified support. Mr. Moore, as president of Windfinity, LLC, signed a development agreement with Big Blue in August 2011. Big Blue has fully complied with all its obligations to Windfinity under that development agreement, including payment of $1.66 million development fee.

Notwithstanding Mr. Moore’s role in the development of the Big Blue project and Windfinity, LLC’s receipt of a significant development fee for his efforts, Mr. Moore has recently made a number of increasingly inflammatory allegations regarding the Big Blue project to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Big Blue takes these matters, and all of its other legal obligations, very seriously. The manner in which Mr. Moore has chosen to wage a public campaign against the Big Blue project, however, has resulted in misinformation and unsupported statements being made, including at a Faribault County board meeting on Jan. 16.

With respect to Mr. Moore’s noise complaints, Big Blue has responded to those allegations in written submissions to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Even though Big Blue believes it is in compliance with applicable noise standards, it has agreed to undertake a detailed noise study to confirm its compliance. Simply, notwithstanding Mr. Moore’s actions, Big Blue will continue to move forward in a constructive manner based on all the facts.

I would like to point out a factual inaccuracy in the article: Fagen, Inc. is not the owner of the Big Blue project. In addition, the article states that “[a]round 10 complaints have been filed to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) by residents in the past year, starting on May 7.” I would also like to point out that since that date, only Mr. Moore and another individual who shares his address have filed complaints against Big Blue. No other formal complaints have been filed with the PUC or otherwise against Big Blue.

Big Blue has been and remains committed to being a supportive and engaged member of this community. The Big Blue project generates renewable energy that benefits local rate-payers, generates significant tax revenues for the county and provides additional income to local landowners.

Ron Fagen, president

Big Blue Wind Farm

Blue Earth