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Help greatly appreciated

To the Editor:

The Salvation Army of Fairmont would like to say thank you to everyone for helping with ringing the bells and donations of collecting food and toys for the community; people who sorted the food donations and toys; setting up, clean up; and all other donations that were given. You were all a blessing.

We were able to help more than 446 people with food and toys. Many people in our community and Martin County received help because of your generosity. Your gift of time was greatly appreciated. Again, thank you so very much for assisting those in need.

Major Jo Ann Hixenbaugh

Salvation Army


Supporting Feehan

To the Editor:

Dan Feehan has dedicated his life to public service, and that’s why I’m proud to support him.

Dan grew up in southern Minnesota and, like many of my generation, he joined the Army after Sept. 11. After two tours of combat in Iraq, during which he was awarded a Bronze Star, he continued to serve by becoming a teacher in underserved communities, and then by working in the Pentagon to make sure that our troops received the support they need. That service took him all over our country and all over the world, while also helping all of us here in southern Minnesota.

Dan is the very embodiment of a service leader, and while he may not have always agreed with all of his soldiers or all of his students, he found common ground with them, because he knew that inaction was not an option. In a time when it seems that our politics have never been more divisive, we need leaders who know how to work with others, even when they don’t always agree.

Most importantly, Dan has a vision and platform that will improve the lives of all of us in southern Minnesota. He is committed to lowering health care costs and improving access to health care; supporting our farmers as they use innovative technology to grow, harvest and bring their crops to market; preparing the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow; and keeping us safe while avoiding costly and unnecessary war.

We need a strong leader in Congress who will fight for all of us, and that is why I am proud to support Dan Feehan for Congress.

Rory Rohloff

Blue Earth