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How about manure T-shirts?

To the Editor:

Monday morning’s Sentinel featured an in-depth story about an ice-skating pig. The pig will skate Thursday evening at the Martin County Arena.

Martin County is the No. 1 producer of hogs of any county in the USA. Over 1.7 million pigs are raised per year in the county. Of course, if that many pigs are going to be raised, the issue of pig manure must also be raised. Martin County by logic, should stand proudly also as the No. 1 pig manure producer in America: 1.7 million pigs makes a lot of manure.

And then there is the smell. Not the pigs, they smell fine, but the manure has a distinct odor. When the wind is just right, the odor changes the whole atmosphere of the capital of Martin County, Fairmont.

I think some T-shirts promoting all that manure would sell like hot-cakes.

By the way, what do all those pigs think about their contribution to the bacon food world?

Peter Engstrom


Imitating the example

To the Editor:

He never shirked hardship, pain or personal responsibility. He came that others might have life, even though for Him this life meant death. And in a sense, this hardship, this generosity, began even before His birth and was evidenced in the sharing that was part of the life of the Mother, who carried Him, and the man, Joseph, who cared.

That hard and difficult journey by foot across some 75 miles of narrow, rocky, hilly terrain, beset with robbers and criminals, surely called for obedience, responsibility and generosity from Joseph and Mary. And the very hardship showed almost by the way of anticipation of what Christ could expect, humanly speaking, of obedience, responsibility and generosity of spirit that would be His throughout His life on Earth. God planned it that way and Christ accepted wholeheartedly. “I came to do the will of Him who sent me.”

The echo of that line reaches us at this holy season of Christmas to remind us that there must be a response on our part to the infinite love of God. Where can love be more perfectly reflected than in this suffering that characterized the whole life of Christ?

And should we not aim to show that love by imitating the example of Christ through obedience to God’s will, responsibility for our thoughts and deeds, and generosity to all those in need.

Mike Garry