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Church offering dinner

To the Editor:

The Christian Church of Fairmont is once again offering the community of Fairmont and the surrounding area a free Christmas dinner. This meal is being offered by the congregation in an attempt to care for those who have a need, and provide a warm and inviting environment for those who are lonely, feeling abandoned or just looking for a place to spend Christmas day with others.

The Christian Church of Fairmont at 625 Johnson St. offers you and your family, at no charge, a complete Christmas dinner with all the trimmings from noon to 2 p.m. Christmas Day, Monday, Dec. 25. It’s the desire of the church that everyone in the Fairmont area have an opportunity and a place to enjoy this special day that commemorates God coming to Earth in the form of infant Jesus.

This free meal is more than a gift to the community, it’s also an opportunity for volunteers to serve their fellow man. If you feel so inclined and would like to be part of this endeavor, call Glen Davis at (507) 236-6338.

Pastor Glen Davis


Are you a Scrooge?

To the Editor:

We all know the famous story “A Christmas Carol” starring the beloved Mr. Scrooge. Like most, I look at his self-indulging and uncaring actions as being very unacceptable, and ones I surely would never condone or emulate, especially as a Christian during the Christmas season.

After all, as a professed Christian and personally considered to be a “good person,” I surely wouldn’t ever have a “Scrooge”-like attitude toward others or God. Though others may have mentioned things that suggest I was a little self-centered or uncaring a time or two (thousand), still nothing compared to Mr Scrooge’s actions.

Though taking a look back at my teen years I may have been a little “Srcoogeish” in placing my wants over the feelings of others or not listening to God’s teachings — and there may even have been a time that I thought Christmas should be renamed “Giftmas.” So I guess I will have to admit that if I had taken God’s word more seriously back then, I would have been able to handle the teen year’s challenges better, built a stronger Christian foundation and been more of a benefit to others. (2 Timothy 3)

But that was when I was younger; I’m certainly not “Scroogeish” now.

Though again, I have to admit that the Christian spirit in me may not always show as well as God would like. Like when I don’t always put others before myself, give God ALL the credit for all the blessings in my life, or making sure that everyone I come in contact with knows that Christ is the reason for the season. (Romans 6)

While I may not be perfect, I’m surely still better then Mr Scrooge.

Even though I continue to fall short in God’s eyes as a sinful human being, my future surely can’t be as bleak as Mr Scrooge’s? I mean, given enough time, I’m sure I can correct my ways and learn to stay closer to the path God wishes me to walk in the future?

Sadly, while most Christians know when they are not following God’s intended path for them, they often put off correcting the wrong action to blindly follow the Devil’s direction of thinking they will get started on it “tomorrow.” Truth is, none of us are guaranteed a “tomorrow,” as no one knows how much time they have left here on earth. As professed Christians, it should always be our immediate goal to continue to grow in our faith and actions as to become closer to our Savior Jesus Christ and distance ourselves from the “Scrooge” living in all of us. (Mark 13)

Recognize the “Scrooge” in yourself and turn to God’s word for direction in how he wants you to live. Learn to move away from the self-centered, uncaring “Scrooge” living inside you and become the God-pleasing light he wants you to be. Placing the real meaning of Christmas ahead of the popular “Giftmas” is a great place to start. (Luke 2)

Merry Christmas!

Anthony Scheff