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Hot Meals needs your help

To the Editor:

Fairmont Hot Meals on Wheels needs three people to join the board of directors: one person to be volunteer chair, one person to be route chair and one person to be contact chair. Most everything can be done on the computer.

The service groups and routes are lined up and working but unfortunately because of life issues the contact chair needs to step down. If no one comes forward to volunteer, Fairmont’s Hot Meals on Wheels will have to disband as of Jan. 1. This is a community service of delivering meals to shut-ins coordinated by volunteers.

If you are interested, please call Linda Bach-Quade at (507) 235-3820

Linda Bach Quade


Support at fundraiser appreciated

To the Editor:

Thank you to all who came and to those who worked at the fundraiser for me as I go through cancer treatment. I’m greatly humbled and overwhelmed by your care and your generosity.

David Oothoudt