Readers’ Views

Enjoying the feeling

To the Editor:

Feel the breeze on your skin, as you’re walking, smells of fall in the air. Fall flowers show off their beauty, bees and butterflies getting their last taste of nectar before moving on. Touching of the sparkling rock down Fairmont’s beauty of all the parks.

The view of the lakes are magnificent this time of year. Walking the curbs, the touch of weeds, when it feels right, to stop, and sense things, fishermen catching their limits. Ducks are making a great swim. You see fish jump out of the water, when something catches your interest, let your mind linger, and then dream.

Then stop, when your walk is over, notice how you feel, whatever you have experienced is good.

CarolAnn Oltman


Don’t lead others astray

To the Editor:

The modern American parent seems all to willing to pass off their children’s education, upbringing and religious teaching to others to handle and influence, as they are too “busy,” lazy or apathetic to put forth the effort needed to do it themselves.

Many of these parents call themselves Christian or, at the very least, acknowledge knowing of Christ and yet don’t seem to see the danger in not ensuring the proper Christian foundation is built in their children’s heart. They, like the unbelievers, are content to have other worldly influences lay that foundation. (Luke 6:46-49)

All of us have had to deal with outside influences impacting our lives from time to time but those without a solid Christian foundation, promoted by their parents, are ill-equipped to discern which outside influences are beneficial to their lives. Or to know when they have let bad influences take over their lives. Or know where to turn to get their lives back on the track God intended for them. (2 Timothy 3:12-17)

Not only is this attitude toward God’s word diminishing the moral fabric of society, it is condemning many in the eyes of God. God’s word clearly teaches that it is every Christian’s responsibility to ensure others know and follow his teachings. (Matthew 28:19-20, Titus 2:12-18) Those who lead others astray, even by apathy, will not only be condemned and suffer more but will know the others they helped lead to condemnation. (Luke 12:47-48, 16:22-28)

For me, I can’t think of anything that would be more punishing, for an eternity, then to know that I contributed to anyone’s falling away from God, especially those I profess to love.

Whether you fear God and Judgment Day with proper reverence, you should never let yourself be judged by God as one who prevented others from knowing God’s word and their Savior Jesus Christ. (Matthew 18:6-8,1 Corinthians 3:16-17) If God decides my heart doesn’t belong to him and I am justifiably condemned for my sins, I pray that I never have to face eternity knowing I contributed to someone else joining me in Hell.

If you acknowledge there is a God and a Hell, it would be in your and your loved one’s best interest to make every effort to build a Christian foundation in their heart, as those who end up on the wrong side of God will know.

Anthony Scheff


Church offers thanks

To the Editor:

The members of St. James Lutheran Church would like to send our sincere appreciation to everyone who attended the pork loin benefit sponsored by the Fairmont Knights of Columbus. A special thank you to the members of the Knights of Columbus that worked and provided such a delicious meal. What a beautiful example of the Body of Christ working together for His good. God bless you all.

Tom Koeritz

and members of St. James

Lutheran Church