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Help fight pornography

To the Editor:

Starting on the last Sunday in October, the local Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court Joan of Arc #691 of Blue Earth will join in a nationwide fight against pornography. This week has been named White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week and is intended to educate the public about the extent of the pornography problem.

So you ask, what can I do as a concerned citizen to stop pornography?

1) Make complaints to your U.S. Attorney and state prosecutor about possible violations of federal or state obscenity laws or contact the local police department. 2) Ask city, county and state legislators to curb “sexually oriented businesses.” 3) Make complaints to businesses that distribute or advertise pornography. If retail outlets, cable TV systems, hotels or newspapers in your community distribute or carry ads for pornography, tell them (politely but firmly) that they’re hurting your community, and consider taking your business elsewhere. You should also make complaints about sexually offensive magazine covers displayed at supermarket and drug store checkout counters. 4) Educate yourself and your family on the harms of porn. Did you know in some states sexting is considered a form of pornography and you can be arrested? Pornography is an addiction that can be harder to break than drugs like cocaine and heroin. 5) If you want help and can’t stop viewing pornography, there is a list of programs and groups that can help you on the website listed at the end of this article. Take some time and check it out; porn is harmful to children, families, marriages and it can lead to sex trafficking.

For more information about the WRAP campaign and where to get help with your addiction go to

Lola Schultz,

Blue Earth

Grateful for hospice

To the Editor:

I would like to take this time to thank each and every employee at the Mayo Hospice program. My father recently lost a long battle with his health and, in that time, received care from Mayo Hospice. They can never be thanked enough for all that they did for him and my family. We as a community are blessed to have such caring people who work in that business. They truly cared about him and his needs, as well as ours.

I would also like to thank Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center and its staff for the help they provided my dad. We as a community are lucky to have a business such as that in our town. This was a difficult time, but thank you Lakeview and Hospice for all you did to help us through.

Seth & Amy Becker and family


Consider helping out

To the Editor:

Food is heavy. Did you know that? A case of canned beans or 20 packs of ribs is not chicken feed. Slinging those cases of frozen meat or peanut butter from pallet to cart to shelf is not for the faint of heart.

Heaven’s Table Food Shelf located at 909 Winnebago Ave. in Fairmont, needs volunteers. You might think that more than 250 volunteers helping out every year is enough. But no. Volunteers are needed to distribute food, unload food trucks, take inventory, pick up food at other locations around town and help with both the NAPS and the BACKPACK programs.

Do you have it in you to volunteer at the Heaven’s Table Food Shelf? Give ’em a call and see what you are made of. For information, call Pauline at (507) 236-2957 or Greta at (507) 399-9599. Thank you.

Peter Engstrom