Readers’ Views

Supporting Tim Walz

To the Editor:

As a social worker for 37 years and a school social worker for the past 25 years, I’m supporting Tim Walz for governor of Minnesota. As a father, teacher and coach, Tim knows what all children in Minnesota need to be successful. I know that as governor, Tim will advocate for the needs of our children. Tim will make strong public schools a priority of his administration.

Tim has been in the classroom and understands that children and families need access to stable housing, consistent food and access to health care in order to come to school ready to learn. As governor, Tim will work hard to create a level playing field for Minnesota children so they can all reach their full potential.

We need to develop and provide a well-educated workforce to meet the needs of Minnesota businesses. Tim knows that supporting Minnesota’s teachers and schools is the way to keep Minnesota the great state that it is.

Karen McConnell


Addition must match

To the Editor:

I was visiting Fairmont when I read the Sentinel from Sept. 18, “Opera House Plans Addition,” and my first reaction was of shocked awe.

The Opera House is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the town, and with so few of the historical buildings still in existence, any addition or modification of the Opera House must maintain the historical integrity of the site. The proposed addition is a bad example of merging the old and the new.

And with a price tag of $10 million dollars, I believe it’s critical that the addition align with the historical nature of the Opera House itself. Any addition must match the era of the original Opera House.

I understand that maintaining the historical nature will be expensive, but a smaller addition that matches the era of the Opera House is much better than a larger addition that mocks the historical integrity of one of Fairmont’s finest buildings.

Maureen Maus

Salt Lake City, Utah