Readers’ Views

Support appreciated

To the Editor:

The Martin County Historical Society has created a historic calendar since 2005 as an annual fundraiser. Thanks to the support of the business and professional community of Martin County in purchasing advertising, coupled with the design and layout expertise of Designing Signs, Inc., this project has again proven successful with the recent printing of our 2018 calendar that is currently available.

The support of everyone involved in making this project a success is greatly appreciated.

Lenny Tvedten,

executive director

Martin County Historical Society

NFL editorial well done

To the Editor:

We read your editorial section in the daily paper on a regular basis. We do not always agree with the paper’s position.

Your thoughts in the Sept. 27 editorial about the National Football League (NFL), the proper respect for the country and our national flag was excellent and very well written. It made more sense than anything written or discussed about the topic since originally surfacing in the media on Sept. 23.

We suggest that you forward a copy of this editorial to the head of the NFL and the team owners. The money these athletes are paid and the respect they want as leaders requires far more than we have seen. If they want our grandchildren to consider them as their sports idols, pay their expensive ticket prices and buy their expensive team sportswear, they should act accordingly.

Thank you for a job well done.

Ernie and Sandy Nuss