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Juniors can

serve as pages

To the Editor:

If your son or daughter is a high school junior and is interested in politics, I strongly encourage them to apply for the Minnesota House of Representatives 2018 High School Page Program.

By taking part in this week-long program, pages learn the legislative process and also develop leadership skills by observing how committees are conducted and how issues are resolved.

To download an application, visit the following House website:, or if you have questions, call the Minnesota House Sergeant’s Office at (651) 296-7452.

Those selected will participate in a wide variety of legislative activities, including individual meetings with state representatives allowing students to discuss the issues that matter most to them; assisting members during a legislative floor session; and giving students the opportunity to meet with constitutional officers, members of the judiciary, lobbyists and members of the media.

An application must be postmarked no later than Dec. 1 to ensure its arrival on time for the selection process. Before returning the application, it must include a parent’s or guardian’s signature and approval from a school counselor, civics teacher or principal.

Chosen applicants will be notified by the end of December.

State Rep. Bob Gunther


Kinship grateful

to city councils

To the Editor:

Throughout the summer, Kinship staff visited and spoke at each local city council meeting. We explained that Kinship is now a countywide program and that we are seeking mentors in every corner and small town in Martin County.

We are also seeking unique ways to partner with each town and grow Kinship there, so that we can provide quality mentoring to every child in need of it throughout our communities.

We spoke of the benefits of mentoring for local youth, such as increased self-esteem, improved problem-solving skills and better outcomes throughout life.

We also explained the huge need for more people begin mentoring, as we have many children currently waiting for mentors.

We were received warmly and with open arms, and for this we would like to say thank you to the each of the city councils: Truman, Ceylon, Dunnell, Granada, Sherburn, Welcome, Trimont and Fairmont. It was so exciting to tell of the wonderful things happening in Kinship and share stories about mentors and mentees creating special bonds.

We have already begun to reap the benefits of these speaking arrangements in many ways: New PERKs in Truman, participating in a parade in Ceylon and being invited to another speaking arrangement in Trimont.

Thank you for making us a priority on your agendas and for supporting local youth by doing so. We look forward to many great collaborations in each town and new mentors getting started from across the county.

Anna Garbers,

Katy Gonzalez

and Greg Brolsma

of Kinship