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Let’s keep Lutz

goal in place

To the Editor:

As members of the Lutz family, we are concerned about the announcement of the Lutz Wing closure at Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont.

Our cousin, Peter Lutz, contributed a sizeable donation to the Fairmont Hospital. This donation established the Lutz Wing and grant. His intent was to provide a care facility and assistance for the community of Fairmont.

Our main apprehension with this closing is the future of the Lutz donation. If this donation is still a “line item” on the Mayo books, where will it be applied?

We would like the donation to be maintained in the spirit of the original donation. One suggestion is to transfer the “line item” money to the Fairmont Community Hospital Foundation.

Peter and Elsa Lutz strived to make Fairmont a better place to live. Let’s keep this goal in place while we consider this proposed change.

Lavonne Lutz Bowman

Alice Lutz Nowicki

LeeVae Lutz Hakes


MRCI grateful

to Foundation

To the Editor:

MRCI WorkSource Fairmont would like to thank the Martin County Area Foundation board of directors and all the volunteers involved in the grant process for helping to fund our “Make Music Count” program. The program is off to a successful start, but could not reach its full potential without funding from MCAF.

Music memory is one of the last to leave us. Music activities are not just beneficial from a cultural standpoint but from a health and wellness perspective. We are so thankful they recognize the importance of art in one’s life and the importance of making sure as many as possible, including those with a disability or disadvantage, have a chance to experience it.

MRCI is a nonprofit whose mission is to provide innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in their community. The grant from the Martin County Area Foundation, a fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation, allows MRCI to enrich our clients’ lives by offering weekly music activities. Thanks to the generous grant from MCAF, around 24 MRCI clients each week will be able to participate in music activities led by a local instructor. It will be wonderful to see what impact this will have on the quality of life for the people we serve.

Ramona Harper,

branch manager

MRCI WorkSource-