Readers’ Views

Trio will serve us well

To the Editor:

It is frustrating to hear that our elected official often do not work together to take care of the problems facing our state and nation, but change is on its way.

I am excited to hear that our state senator, Julie Rosen, and state representative, Bob Gunther, are supporting Jim Hagedorn in his race for Congress. With them working together, we can be confident they will be able to deliver real results in agriculture, transportation, education and tax reform for Minnesota.

Rosen and Gunther have been strong voices for our communities, and their endorsement of Hagedorn shows they believe he will be an effective ally and help them get the job done for southern Minnesota. For continued progress, let’s put Gunther, Rosen and Hagedorn to work for us.

Neal Breitbarth


It’s a great time of year

To the Editor:

Labor Day is our favorite holiday. And for a variety of reasons. First, we can relate well to it. We come from working people, people who worked hard and had a sense of their dignity as working people. Labor Day puts these values in focus.

It also heralds the end of the vacation season. The “Good Old Summer Time” is over. And at just about the right time. Three months is enough. Too long a vacation season would spoil us. The change ushered in by Labor Day is especially noticeable in Minnesota. It’s accompanied by a sharp break in the weather. This does something to us. It activates adrenaline.

The seasonal change affects the lives of young people in a special way. They go back to school. And in spite of protests, are glad. There’s an excitement in entering a higher grade or beginning high school or college. Besides, it’s always interesting to speculate on new teachers and size up new and old classmates.

After Labor Day, the neighborhoods and parishes begin to gel as people begin to stay home. Clubs, organizations and church groups reconvene.

And then there’s the good earth. Minnesota tomatoes, new potatoes and hardy, brightly colored fall flowers. All this against a background of autumn leaves makes a drive in the country an experience everyone enjoys. The mood of Indian summer is always something special.

So enjoy the Labor Day weekend. All three days of it. It’s the beginning of a fresh, new exciting time of the year.

Mike Garry