Readers’ Views

Someone stole her memories

To the Editor:

I have plots at the community garden. I like to grow vegetables there and often share them with others. My granddaughter planted seeds and helped weed. Last month, she asked if she could pick the only watermelon that grew. I told her to wait until she visits at fair time when the watermelon would be bigger.

Next week, when she goes with me to the garden to pick the watermelon, I will have to tell her that someone stole her watermelon and they also stole all the cantaloupe as well. We can always go to the store to buy melons, but experiences in the garden with her papa that could be positive for her are now negative.

Kevin Moller


Hoping festival will be success

To the Editor:

Just so everyone knows, I, Amanda Diers, have quit the Ceylon Festival on my own free will. No one has forced me to quit.

Other committee members and I did not see eye to eye on many things. I have removed myself from the festival page on Facebook and it has disappeared. I didn’t mean for this to happen. If you liked the page, please look for the new one when they get it up and running.

I wish the event a success but please stop messaging, texting, emailing and calling me. If you have anything for the Ceylon Festival, please contact Barb Kronback, Sarah Odegaard or Angie Thompson or email

Amanda Diers