Weed is present here too

Weed is present here too

To the Editor:

I want to thank the Sentinel for printing (on July 15) the Des Moines Register’s article regarding the infestation of curlyleaf pond weed on East Okoboji Lake. Readers should find this to be a valuable heads-up for the adverse effects that can result when an invasive species is left unchecked.

Curlyleaf pond weed is present in our chain of lakes. In its early stages of infestation, it can be eradicated by pulling the plant from the bottom of the lake and removing the foliage from the lake. Merely cutting the weed, to remove the surface visibility, then allowing the foliage to drift, will only serve as an accelerant to the spread of this invasive species.

Don’t let the mid-July disappearance fool you … this plant goes dormant at this time, dropping to the bottom of the lake, where it re-seeds itself for thicker growth next year.

It is unsightly. It will eventually, left unchecked, hamper recreational boating by clogging propellers. The growth can be managed now in its early stages.

We all need to assess our lakeshore situation and ask: Do we want this to get a foothold in our lake, or do we want to do our part in seeing that our chain of lakes does not itself in a situation like Upper East Okoboji?

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

Michael J. Katzenmeyer, chairman

Fairmont Lakes Foundation