Knowing God is freedom

Knowing God is freedom

To the Editor:

Freedom is something we celebrate each year on the Fourth of July. A freedom that was earned a couple hundred years ago by our forefathers, brave men and women who sacrificed everything for this belief. Yet when asked, what makes this celebration important? Most will say the fireworks or fellowship, etc., but few if any would say it is a way to say thank you and show appreciation for the precious rights we call freedom.

While it is important to always celebrate our nation’s freedom, there is another freedom we have that is even greater and more precious than it, one that should be remembered and celebrated daily. That freedom would be the Christian freedom won for us by Christ’s innocent suffering, death and resurrection.

His sacrifice for all, the entire world, gives us the opportunity to gain eternal life with him though we remain but unworthy sinners. God knew that through these sinful eyes we could never see and act the way needed to become the perfection he demands, so he gave us an out in Jesus Christ. By believing and trusting in him as our Savior, this allows us the freedom to struggle with our sin here on earth without losing the confidence of going to heaven.

Though this life offers many challenges and obstacles for us to overcome, God’s word is always there to guide us. His words of wisdom, found only in the Bible, lead us on the path that is most beneficial to us during our time here on earth and for our salvation. God wants all of us to follow the path he has laid out in his word, but he will never force us to follow his way. We will always have the choice to follow him or take another path. As we consider our choices, we should always keep in mind that while God truly forgives everyone’s sins through faith in his son Jesus Christ, he is also the one who will judge everyone who truly doesn’t have faith in his son.

So while we will always have the freedom to choose the paths this world has to offer, it is probably wiser to study God’s word regularly as to learn how to stay close to the ones God has outlined for our benefit. If we truly fear and love God or as one of my grandsons said the other day “God is Awesome and the Best,” we will respect all his teachings and use them to guide us in how to best use our Christian freedoms.

Proper use of our freedoms allows us to be confident in the knowledge that Christ has met all of God’s requirements for us, so we may obtain eternal life with him. This knowledge offers the greatest contentment and comfort that can be found here on earth.

To know God is to know true freedom.

Anthony Scheff