Readers’ Views

Lake cleanup went well

To the Editor:

Twenty-two volunteers showed up at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 17, at Gomsrud Park to collect refuse and debris from the shoreline and under the surface of Budd Lake. The city of Fairmont provided a truck and Terry Anderson provided a trailer to assist with hauling the collected debris. U.S. Bank donated garbage bags and gloves to the volunteers. Fairmont Lakes Foundation, Inc. provided mesh bags. And, there was an anonymous donor that provided Dairy Freeze gift certificates for the volunteers.

Volunteers brought their boats, pontoons, waders, aqua socks and boots to cover the lake and lakeshore. Fairmont Lakes Foundation, Inc. would like to thank U.S. Bank, the city of Fairmont, our anonymous donor, and all the volunteers for their support in making this project a success.

Michael J. Katzenmeyer, chairman

Fairmont Lakes Foundation, Inc.

Fireworks set for Fourth

To the Editor:

The Fairmont fireworks display is the largest in south-central Minnesota and is shot from the west side of Lake Sisseton, across from Ward Park in Fairmont. The display will start about 10 p.m. or when darkness/conditions permit. Beginning at 6 p.m., a salute will be shot every hour on the hour as a reminder.

With the display being shot from the west side of Sisseton Lake in the immediate vicinity of the bike/walking trail, the trail will be closed about 10 a.m. the morning of the Fourth. It will be closed following the last participants in the 5K walk/run. Due to federal regulations, safety of the public and the wiring that runs across the bike/walk trail, citizens are asked to stay off the trail or the police will be called.

Boaters are asked to keep wakes at a minimum starting at 8:30 p.m. the evening of the Fourth due to fireworks that are set off near the shore and on the lake adjacent to the rest of the display.

Any questions can be directed to Roger Carlson, fireworks chair, at (507) 236-5056. Thanks in advance.

Roger Carlson


A caring community

To the Editor:

Kudos to Fairmont and the surrounding area. I am new to Fairmont and attended the “Paws For A Cause” golf outing on Monday, June 19, at Rose Lake Golf Club. I am so impressed by the support given to the Martin County Humane Society by businesses and individuals. Truly, this a generous and caring community for all of God’s creations. Thank you.

Sharon Crysler