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Party was great time

To the Editor:

Thank you to everyone in the Veterans Park neighborhood and our wider community who came to the third annual Veterans Park Multi-Block Party.

For the third year in a row, we were amazed and blessed by how even the weather cooperated to warm those who gathered together on May 24. Once again, the park was filled with children, youth and families playing games together. Picnic tables were filled with friends, old and new, enjoying the evening. Even after the display tables were packed up and taken away, children were still playing games together in the park.

Although there was no official count, we served more than 300 hot dogs at the event. Whether you joined us for dinner, shared at an organization’s display table, fire truck or police car, organized games, or donated items, we could not have had such a great time together without you.

Thanks especially to Mayor Deb Foster who helped served the hot dog dinner, and the city of Fairmont Parks Department, which moved picnic tables and trash barrels to the park and were involved in working out the logistics of this enjoyable night.

On behalf of the people of Fairmont United Methodist Church,

Pastor Tony Fink


Talk about great people

To the Editor:

Wow! Talk about great people in Fairmont and the surrounding areas. The beginning of Memorial Week started out bad. A “no-show” put us in high stress. No response to our phone calls, so what do we do?

Jeff Koster, the new manager at Lakeside, said “Well, let’s get to work.” Jeff, love your hard work ethic and great attitude. You kept encouraging me and plowing on … thank you. Lakeside Cemetery is so fortunate to have found you. At times during the week, I was giving up. Name calling, swearing and finger gestures were beating us up. I am just a volunteer here. I love this place. We kept up, and kept at it.

All I could think is God help us and our prayers were answered. How do we begin to thank all the wonderful people who volunteered their time, tools, strong muscles and generous hearts. I have never been so proud to be part of something as these great volunteers. I hope I don’t leave anyone out. If I do, I remember your faces and appreciate your efforts.

Ron Arens office, with Jean Johnson and Jennifer Barringer, for donating a year’s worth of tax and accounting services and advice; Dennis and Carol Madsen for endless documentation; Cleanrite Carpet for a year’s service on runners; Wayne Kahler for many loads of black dirt; River Bend Office Supply for our copier; State Bank for help with our awesome new savings plan; Bill Bulfer for your constant and never-ending mechanical help; Drew Schellpeper for an awesome mower; Janzen’s Greenhouse for posting a “help” blog; Chris and Carson Toomer for a cheery attitude and willing muscles; Sam Cress for very hard work trimming and blowing grass; Pheasants Forever team for showing up with willing hearts and awesome equipment; Darrel Krahler and Greg Gellert for mowing time; Chad Lutterman’s team for enthusiasm and hard work; Scott Fuhrman from Thrivent for endless hard labor; David Finsted, Blake Schultz and Rick Johnson for three days of help; and SC Landscaping (Skylar and Tia, what a great team you make. Loved your attitude and work ethic. Thank you). For anyone who utilizes these wonderful people who showed up to volunteer their time and tools, you’re fortunate to know or hire the best of the best. Hats off to these wonderful folks.

A huge thank you for all of your efforts, tools and financial help. We rely so much on financial donations or volunteer help, and we could not keep this sacred and beautiful cemetery up if it were not for the help of generous people here. Any and all help we receive is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your help. Your donations and hard work are getting us back in shape. God bless you all …

Paula Bulfer,

and all at Lakeside Cemetery