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Thanks for support

To the Editor:

Martin County Humane Society would like to take this opportunity to thank the businesses and citizens in our communities for their support.

If you would like to support the animal shelter and its mission, but don’t have time to volunteer, consider a membership. Being a member of MCHS involves no obligations, but does give you the right to vote at member meetings. The cost is $20 for a single membership and $30 for a family.

MCHS also tries to give back to the county in many ways. One way we help the area is by applying for grants from groups out of our county. These grants help decrease the burden on our citizens of the cost of caring for our homeless animals. Grants awarded this year have come from Pedigree Foundation, ASPCA, Million Cat Challenge, St. Croix Valley, Pet Haven and Petco Foundation.

The last two grants listed have been procured to address a problem in our area. The number of homeless and unwanted cats in the county is much larger than can be housed at the Carl Nettifee Memorial Animal shelter and greatly outstrips the number of homes that can be found.

The grants from Pet Haven and Petco Foundation provide funds to spay and neuter non-shelter cats from Martin County. This will decrease the number of homeless kittens born. MCHS has already funded 103 surgeries for altering cats in Martin County through these grants. Any outdoor cat can be signed up by an owner or concerned citizen and altered at one of the mobile clinics hosted by MCHS. If you are feeding outdoor cats, you can sign them up for the surgery. Any indoor cat whose owner annually earns less than $45,000 as an individual or less than $60,000 as a family qualifies for the program. Cats from Martin County that are signed up for this program, will be altered and vaccinated for rabies for a cost of just $10 per cat. This offer will continue until funds are exhausted. Enough money is available to cover any cats that are signed up for the mobile clinic being hosted at the shelter March 31. If you would like to take advantage of these great savings, go to to register or call (612) 720-8236. Thank you for your support and we hope to see lots of cats on March 31.

Karen Folkers, president

Martin County Humane Society

Auction coming soon

To the Editor:

The 27th Annual Silent and Live auction held by The Knights of Columbus is coming up soon. It will be held Saturday, March 25, in the St. John Vianney School gym. The silent auction begins at 6 p.m. and the live auction starts at 8:30 p.m. I encourage everyone in the community to attend to support this fundraiser. Proceeds benefit ARC and Kinship.

This event would not be possible without the support of the community. We are currently collecting donations from businesses, organizations and individuals for the silent and live auction. Contributions of handmade or donated items are greatly appreciated. Last year, the auction had grilling and cooking supplies, beauty products, decorations, artwork, sports memorabilia, coupons, tickets and certificates for many local businesses, and much more.

Kinship has been the grateful beneficiary of this fundraiser for many years. We are incredibly thankful for the ongoing support from the Knights of Columbus. Within Kinship, donations are used to foster meaningful mentoring relationships for kids throughout Martin County. These mentoring relationships help mentees develop self-esteem, resilience, and most importantly friendships. The amazing kids in Kinship are the ones who truly benefit from this fundraiser.

Thank you to the Knights.

Anna Garbers, director

Fairmont Area Kinship

Time for tax relief

To the Editor:

State lawmakers can now begin setting a budget course for Minnesota over the next two years after learning our state has a $1.65 billion budget surplus. This news was revealed by state economists on Feb. 28. The total was higher than what was previously estimated.

I’m delighted the economy is headed in the right direction and there’s another $250 million available. The downside to that is that Minnesotans created this growing surplus by paying too many taxes, so it’s time we look at ways to bring them some relief.

Larger growth in Minnesota’s tax revenues is the main reason for the surplus growth. State income tax projections are up by $274 million over November and corporate tax projections are up $69 million.

With $1.6 billion at its disposal, the Legislature’s main focus should now be providing middle class Minnesotans with long-overdue tax relief.

Now is not the time to go on a wild spending spree. As we set our budget, we should fund our key priorities, pay for the things that are most important to the state, and ensure that hardworking Minnesotans are allowed to keep more of their money.

State Rep. Bob Gunther