We give thanks

We give thanks

To the Editor:

It’s getting to the time when nobody will listen to my horror stories of bleak temperatures, chilly winds and months of nothing but snow and ice. But as with the winter of 2015-2016, mild weather has become an expectation. Perhaps in southern Minnesota we got lucky with these relatively mild winters, which have been a bright spot in the otherwise gloomy part of the year.

The snowfall of the past two years has not been massive, but has rather come in bits and pieces. Many of us can remember in 1965, when Albion Avenue looked like the tundra, and the storms of 1973-1975 when you couldn’t see your next step in front of you. I remember those winters leading to much discussion of the negative aspects of living in Minnesota. I also remember when East Chain was out of electricity for more than a week, and when a foot of snow was very common.

But then there are recent days when the weatherman gets everything right with the temperatures at 60 degrees, when all the jackets are shed and everyone enjoys their sweaters. Everyone was so elated mostly because it was so unexpected. How different is this from the feelings we have with a November storm, when we dread the expectancy of the coming snow that might not be gone until spring?

Being somewhat housebound, how wonderful it was to see so much sunshine and blue sky in the last four months. Our spirits would be lifted with the beautiful blue sky and the bright red-streaked sunsets.

It’s nature at its best and we were there. Mother Nature has given us a gem. This is a loving tribute to the Almighty and we give thanks.

Mike Garry

Tammie Hested