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Nearly $2,000 raised

To the Editor:

On Jan. 23, more than 400 people helped us raise funds for the 2017 Fairmont Dollars for Scholars awards at our chicken dinner fundraiser. However, this doesn’t include the dozens of people who sent us donations in the mail knowing they wouldn’t be able to attend the meal. All told, we’re at the nearly $2,000 mark from the event.

Thank you so much to those generous members of the community who help make what we do possible. Thank you to the 32 senior-highers who helped us provide service to those attending the dinner.

With gratitude, we want to publicly thank the Knights of Columbus for helping the evening run so smoothly, and to the Sentinel, Photo Press, KFMC, First Farmers and Merchants Bank, Wells Federal Bank, and Dawn Petrowiak and other church staff who helped us get the word out about the event.

Thank you to Lori Stubbe and Lisa De Boer of Fairmont Pizza Ranch for the great food and the planning logistics.

An especially huge thank you to dinner coordinator Nancy Backer, student recruiter Mary Granheim and the rest of the board who served.

Our scholarship season is now open and the deadline for all applications is midnight April 1.

Liz Wheeler

executive secretary,

Fairmont Dollars for Scholars