Arc offering new opportunity

Arc offering new opportunity

To the Editor:

Forty-seven years ago, the future seemed pretty bleak to a young mom when she was told her son with disabilities could not go to school with his peers. There were no special education programs.

Fast forward to now, when this same son (with even more health needs) now lives in his own home with support. School programs, employment opportunities and residential options have all been developed in his lifetime.

And thanks to the Schmeeckle Foundation, another opportunity is available. Arc Southwest is exploring a Theatre Group that will include people with disabilities. Inclusion, education and entertainment will be part of what is offered.

Wilbur Neuschwander-Frink will join the Arc Family and Friends Focus Group at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 13, in the George Room at the Fairmont Holiday Inn. Wilbur coordinates a successful Aktion Club Theatre Group with the Mankato Kiwanis Group, and will bring her expertise and experience to the Fairmont area.

Anyone interested is urged to attend, or connect with Arc by calling (507) 235-8580 or email for more information.

Lee Ann Erickson