Readers’ Views

Time to invest in infrastructure

To the Editor:

Much of what we do as a business requires our team to be out on the road. We deliver clean water and water conditioning around the region. When our team is on the road, we see what people across the state see every day. Minnesota is in need of a new and focused effort to invest in our transportation infrastructure. So many of the legislators in our area, and across the state, campaigned on making transportation investment the state priority it was meant to be. I am excited and confident that 2017 is the year this critical investment will get done.

South-central and southeast Minnesota are in need of a significant investment in our transportation infrastructure. Our projects are getting more expensive, rather than less while plans sit on a desk undone. There has perhaps not been a time as ripe as this for so many Minnesotans being ready for our state government to get back to some of its core missions. Providing a robust transportation infrastructure is certainly one of the key things our state is supposed to be investing in.

I am confident our elected officials are prepared to make this investment. I’d encourage the citizens reading this to reach out to our legislative leaders and ask them to continue to lead on this throughout the 2017 session.

Rich Johnson