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Working on solutions

To the Editor:

Residents struggling with their health care bills should know that the Minnesota House of Representatives has heard their call for help and has begun to take action.

Some people are paying $31,000 a year for health insurance premiums and then have an $8,500 deductible on top of that. I’ve taken phone calls from area residents who say they can’t make their house and car payments when health insurance is this expensive.

The House is attempting to approve a short-term fix now, and will move toward a long-term solution in the weeks ahead.

Two health care bills are currently making their way through House committees. The first focuses solely on providing health insurance premium relief to eligible Minnesotans. The second tackles reform, including provisions that ensure some continuity of care, prevents double dipping and surprise billing, and allows for-profit HMOs to compete in Minnesota.

Our goal is to find solutions, create competition to make policies cheaper, and start to give people a financial break.

State Rep. Bob Gunther,