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Church offereing free dinner

To the Editor:

Once again, the Christian Church of Fairmont is offering a free Christmas dinner on Christmas Day to all who wish to enjoy a delicious meal and good fellowship in celebration of the Incarnation.

This meal is a gift to the Fairmont area in celebration of Christmas from a Christian perspective.

We will once again serve turkey, ham, corn and scalloped corn, mashed potatoes, dressing, desserts and all the trimmings. We will begin serving at noon, and serve until 2 p.m. at the Christian Church of Fairmont located at 625 Johnson St., Fairmont.

This meal is much more than a “free” meal, it’s also an opportunity for you to serve your fellow man. If you feel so inclined and would like to volunteer for a few hours of easy work and abundant joy, call Glen Davis at (507) 236-6338.

The building is handicap-accessible with ample parking. We will be watching for you.

Pastor Glen Davis

Christian Church of Fairmont

Make it a Christ-centered Christmas

To the Editor:

People of the world loved Christmas a lot

The Sin of the world most certainly did not

Sin’s hatred towards Christ was expected, so it was said?

As it was Christ who had come to crush his head.

Year after year people praised the birth of Christ during Christmas Day.

Causing Sin to became more determined to make it go away.

Then one year an opportunity arose, the perfect situation.

St Nicolas was deemed worthy a day of celebration.

Sin knew this man’s history of humility and gift giving

could be used to lure the people away from Christ the Savior to St Nicolas the human being.

St Nicolas’s popularity grew without pause,

which led to the mythical character now known as Santa Claus

A character full of love and good cheer.

Who would not fall for the Jolly Ole Elf delivering toys by reindeer?

Oh how Sin must be smiling and gloating to his followers under the earth.

People were now more focused on Santa then the importance of Christ’s birth.

Thankfully the story doesn’t end here yet, as we Christians still have time to save the real meaning of Christmas for ourselves and for future generations.

A place to start would be to attend a Christian Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day service. Also, give at least one Christ-centered gift to everyone you give gifts to as a reminder to them of the true meaning of Christmas. We still have time to turn the tables on Sin and make Christ the center of Christmas again.

May Christ’s love for you encourage your heart to grow “3 sizes larger” and the true meaning of Christmas shine through you for all to see.

Genesis 3:15, John 3:16-17, Matthew 28:16-20, 5:14-16, 2 Corinthians 4:4-12

Anthony Scheff