Brown: No makeup days needed, so far

FAIRMONT — Fairmont Area Schools Superintendent Joe Brown on Tuesday talked about what will happen regarding snow makeup days.

Brown told the school board he has been receiving many questions from parents and staff regarding makeup days. He explained that state law requires 165 days of instruction, as well as so many hours of instruction at the elementary and high schools.

“Our current calendar already exceeds the number of hours that are required,” Brown noted.

He said teachers are under contract for 184 days so they will put in all of their days. At this point, he does not believe students will have to make up any days, but there are four snow makeup days built into the calendar in the first week of June.

Brown said the district has teachers who travel from Mankato and other places, and the safety of students and staff is always the top priority in making a decision to cancel school because of weather.

Moving along to other matters, board member Dan Brookens provided the board with a recap of the most recent operations committee meeting.

Brookens said they discussed and voted to purchase two batting cages to be installed in the south gym at the high school at the estimated cost of $24,000. The cost will be divided four ways among the booster club, the baseball association, softball association and the school district.

“We looked at a proposal to sand and refinish the two elementary gym floors this coming summer,” he said. “The proposal is from a company that was involved in the renovation of the high school gym about 10 years ago. Right now, it looks like we’re going to do the west gym. It’s really worn out. When kids are playing basketball they’re sliding everywhere and it’s dangerous. This would include sanding, new finish and we would paint new lines for not only basketball but for pickleball, which is also played in that gym.”

Brookens said the district is also going to sealcoat parking lots this summer and restore the roof of the Performing Arts Center.

In other news, the board accepted a bid from Brennan Construction in the amount of $553,000 for replacement of seating in the Performing Arts Center in the high school.

Turning to other business, the board accepted the following retirements and resignations:

o Jim Davison, grades 3-6 principal, will retire at the end of the school year after serving the district for 30 years.

o Michelle Albrecht, elementary special education teacher, will resign at the end of the year after nine years with the district.

o Tami Holland, ECFE aide, has resigned after 13 years with the district.

The board accepted the following personnel items:

o Employment of John Kesselring as head strength and conditioning coach at a salary of $6,250 for fall, winter, spring and summer coaching.

o Employment of Mat Mahoney as assistant strength and conditioning coach at a salary of $3,250 for fall, winter, spring and summer coaching.

o Employment of Tiffany Schutter as a special education paraprofessional and ECFE aide.

The board accepted the following donation:

o $200 to Project Trust from the Fairmont Exchange Club.