Fire chief updates council

TRUMAN — Truman City Council this week heard a quarterly report from Fire Chief Dave Bentz.

“It’s been pretty quiet to start the year compared to a year ago; we were kind of busy, but that’s the way it goes,” he said.

Bentz spoke a little about the new Post 1905 explorer program for area youth who want to learn about what is involved in a volunteer fire department.

“I think it’s off to a good start,” he said. “They have about eight students right now and there’s more interested but with basketball and other sports going on right now, they might join later. I think it’s a good thing for the kids in the community. It gives them something to do and they can learn a little about the fire and EMS side, so sometime down the road maybe they’ll want to join.”

Bentz mentioned that the annual township meeting will take place the evening of Feb. 5.

In other council business, street superintendent John Bosshart also provided a quarterly report.

“I checked on the street signs that need to be replaced around town and there are a few,” he said.

Bosshart reported there is $2,000 budgeted for street signs. He suggested they use half the funds to replace 16 poles and street signs.

“It would be everything on the west end of town and everything on the east end of town and then everything south of main street would be replaced this year,” he noted. “If we have money left in the budget later we can do more.”

The council approved the purchase of 16 new street poles.

In another matter, Truman resident Jill Hendrickson came before the council with her daughter, Audrey, to ask if they could have some chickens in town. Hendrickson said she is aware there is an ordinance prohibiting chickens, but she asked the council for a conditional use permit.

“We are willing to work with you guys in any way and follow any rules,” she said. “We are very involved in 4-H and we have a family farm about 15 miles away from town and we’re looking for something other than a dog and a cat. We’re looking at maybe five birds max, just a little coop in our backyard and something for [Audrey] to do for chores.”

Mayor Lynn Brownlee said the council would discuss the request and get back to Hendrickson. Brownlee told the council she would like to revamp some of the city ordinances.

Moving along to other matters, the council discussed how to better advertise that the city has a campground and other amenities, such as the pool and mini golf course.

“We have a lot of people use that and we have the nice showers and the golf course. We have a great location,” Brownlee said of the campground.

In other news, Police Chief Justin Jobe told the council he received a letter of resignation from part-time officer Eian Denton, who accepted a full-time job in Murray County. Jobe told the council he has a temporary fill-in officer right now.