Welcome to try out LTD Broadband

WELCOME — The Welcome City Council heard a report about the Martin County Economic Development Authority-Ignite (Inspire Growth and Nurture Innovative Talent through Empowerment) from Martin County Coordinator, Scott Higgins and six board members. They are a business network meant to help with marketing, plan writing, financial analysis, goals assessment, start up and expansion assistance and offer other advice. Higgins said “We are here to let everyone know we are available to help.” The board members would like area residents to know that there are monies available and they are able to help find out what else is available. The group has helped families in need to have personal computers and have talked to sophomores in the county education systems about jobs available in Martin County. They also help with grants and banks available for businesses in the county.

The Council also heard from LTD Broadband representative, Becky Severtson. The council asked $100 a month for rent for the new water tower accessibility. Severtson explained the LTD internet provides faster speed and reliability and better customer service. The council decided to give LTD a trial period for the city office internet and the lease agreement was discussed. Severtson will review the lease agreement. The council suggested that the LTD could be used in exchange for the lease costs to be lowered to $25 a month. Severtson will arrange for the trial period and take the suggestion under advisement for future leasing.

The council continued the meeting with a discussion of the Right of Way Excavation Permits and decided the fee should be $125 for trenches and open digging. The penalty for delaying payment would be $500 a day and the bond payment would stay at $5,000 per location.

The McQuire company’s items to be paid concerning the new water tower were discussed and items not finished will be paid when they are finished.

The 2019 budget was discussed with an increase of 2 percent mentioned. Last year had an increase of 0 percent. There will be a need for sewer and water expenditures in the future. This was tabled until the next meeting.

Questions on the interview session for the new Public Works employee were chosen and the interview dates will be 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 10 and Sept. 11, with all council members and Max Longley.

The gutters on the north side of the fire hall will be rehung and the overhang fixed so the snow sliding off will not injure anyone. The south side gutters will be new.

The Public Works employee asked that three manhole covers in town be raised to road level. The council approved the hiring of this job. The council will check with the insurance company as to replacing the door on the new quonset. Max will trim trees for safety on the right of ways or get estimates for large jobs.

The next meeting of the Welcome City Council will be held 6 p.m. on Sept. 18.