City Council pleased with administrator

FAIRMONT — Fairmont’s city administrator is doing a very good job, according to the City Council.

The council on Monday released a summary of its annual evaluation of City Administrator Mike Humpal that was conducted during a closed session June 26.

“The majority of the City Council felt that Mike was doing a very good job,” said Mayor Debbie Foster. “The average score was a 7, which is commendable. This score was up from his 2017 score of 6.1, which was in the category of fully satisfied.”

Council members ranked Humpal on a score of 1-9, with 9 being the highest possible score, in seven categories: City Council relationships, public relations/image, effective leadership to staff, fiscal management, communications/oral and written, personal traits and intergovernmental affairs.

Humpal credited the council, city management staff and city employees for their support.

“I just want to thank you for allowing me to serve the city of Fairmont in my capacity,” he said. “I couldn’t score a 3.1 without our management staff and all the other employees that are very dedicated to our community and work hard and make my job a whole lot easier every day. With that, I thank the employees and the citizens for giving me the opportunity to serve. It’s been fun and a challenge, all at the same time.”

This month marks Humpal’s 23rd year with the city.