Welcome weighs quonset work

WELCOME — Jeff Schutz of Mobile Washer in Alexandria reported to the Welcome City Council this week on the cleaning and decontamination of the park quonset damaged in a fire.

His firm will wash the interior walls, ceiling and floors with a hot foam high-pressure washer and then conduct a high-pressure wash. The wastewater will be reclaimed and detoxified. No date was set for the washing.

Schutz said a plan to replace the roof of the quonset is a good idea.

Andy Gerhardt of Midwest Homes reported on the firm’s bid to replace the roof, overhead doors, walk-in door and perhaps two beams at the quonset. The council will consider this proposal at its next meeting.

In other business, the council:

o Heard a reading of a resolution to change the ordinance concerning long grass and weeds, to tag properties that have grass/weeds longer than 6 inches and give the owners 36 hours to cut them. This is a change from height of grass/weeds of 7 inches and a time to cut of 10 days.

o Approved removing and possibly selling fencing at the old softball field.

o Discussed excavation permits. The county, townships and other city’s permits were examined. The council asked city staff not to sign off on projects as completed if restoration work is not done. Council members say property owners should complain if restoration is not complete. The matter was tabled until the next meeting.

o Approved a bid of $412 from Fairmont Glass to fix two windows at shelter houses.

o Heard a report from engineer Travis Winter of Bolton & Menk who discussed the water tower project. He said welding and painting should be done by August.

Winter also discussed water lines in the south part of the city. He talked about doing a smoke and camera examination to find leaks or field tiles discharging into lines. He will obtain prices for this service.

o Approved the purchase of a street sweeper for $95,000, using the equipment fund, insurance money and funds possibly not used in the 2017 budget.