Township filing deadline nears

WELCOME — Welcome City Council will meet 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

There will be an appeal hearing at 5 p.m. for owners of the trailer park to appeal unpaid water and utility taxes.


Tuesday is also the deadline date to file affidavits of candidacy for township elections of supervisor and clerk in each township with the clerk of the township.


Condolences to the family of Carol Jane Chukuske who passed away last week. She will be remembered as a daycare provider in the Welcome area for many years.


According to life coach, Lynda Field, here are some New Year’s resolutions that would be good:

1. Schedule some fun time every day.

2. Stop over-thinking.

3. Relax more.

4. Let yourself “off the hook.”

5. Remember your true worth.

6. Be prepared to take a risk.

7. Take your dreams seriously.

8. Be kind to yourself and others.

9. Keep your sense of humor.

10. Appreciate all that you have.